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Watch Bracelets

The most common use of bracelets is in jewelry and formal watches, as well as fashion watches. Bracelets can be in a single band or linked.

Watch bracelets are usually made from steel, gold, titanium, or any other metals, they can be made of links or mesh, and usually are held together with a metal clasp. Just like metal watch cases, metal link watch bracelets are highly durable but easily scratched. Also, depending on the metal, they are more expensive to replace.

Back in the day, due to the technological process of watchmaking, watches produced with stainless steel bracelets were considered too heavy and chunky, therefore they were mainly used in the military and were not popular with the masses. Nowadays, stainless steel is one of the most popular metals used in bracelets for watches - affordable, durable, suitable for sports watches, and appropriate for both formal and casual looks.

Titanium is one of the strongest metals out there. Even though titanium is extremely durable, it is lightweight, therefore can be used in crafting bulkier timepieces. Titanium watch bracelets would be suited for those with sensitive skin since titanium is completely hypoallergenic.

Gold as the watch bracelet material is definitely for those willing to achieve a luxurious look. With this precious metal, you are guaranteed to have an investment that will not only look amazing on your wrist but also in your watch collection. Gold watches have always been in high demand and this trend is ongoing; therefore, if you decide to sell it one day, it shouldn't be difficult. Gold watches do require some extra care and attention since gold does tend to scratch more easily than steel.