Yes, all watch sellers are welcome. Create a profile, make a detailed listing including watch photos, and submit for approval.

No, you don't pay any fees, nor commissions for sales.

We ask for a fair fee for each listing published. That is it, no additional payments. Dealers can choose a tier with a certain amount of listings included.

Yes, you can do it anytime - no fees or penalties for doing that. We kindly ask you to also close ads if the offer has ceased to be relevant.

Yes, that is mandatory. It helps Qlekta to become a healthy meeting place for buyers and sellers. If the Buyers complain that you leave their requests without attention, your rating may drop significantly. If this happens continuously, we will be forced to block your account.

No, Qlekta cannot verify buyers, and you should set the rules for sale. Don't take unnecessary risks.

No, a sale is a discrete deal between Buyer and Seller, and Qlekta doesn't interfere. Just remove the listing if sales are made.

Qlekta is a marketplace and doesn't provide payment service. When you find your desired timepiece, open the listing and hit the "Contact the seller" button.

Please respect the working days and allow 24 hours for a reply. There can be delays due to different time zones and local bank holidays. If you feel it takes too long, please contact Qlekta Customer service.

No, Qlekta is not selling watches. We provide marketplace and customer service. Your partner in a deal is a seller.

Yes, please copy the link and send it to Customer service. We will appreciate it a lot.

Yes, the listed price is what you pay to the Seller; additionally, there can be shipping, shipping insurance, and customs duties if you are buying from abroad.

Yes, if the Seller has offered this option. Please study the return policy for the desired timepiece before the purchase.

Yes, just ask them from the Seller: additional photos, reference number - anything which can help you to make a safe decision.

That is not mandatory as items can be shipped, but we recommend to meet in person so you can inspect the watch before purchase and so that later neither the Seller nor the Buyer would have any claims. We also recommend drawing up a contract for the purchase of watches between the Seller and the Buyer.

Yes, we strongly advise you to insure all shipments at the full value of the item.

Yes, that is advised, and almost all insured shipments come with a tracking number. Please share the tracking number with a buyer.

When trading between different economic regions, buyers may incur the cost of paying import duties (including taxes and customs duties). Import duties are usually calculated based on the price and country of origin of the goods, size, and weight of the parcel, taxes, duties, and taxes of the country of destination. It can be even more expensive to return an item purchased overseas if you decide you don't need it.

We recommend contacting the Seller one more time to find out all of the details. If you suspect that you were a victim of scammers, you should contact your local police.

No, we strongly advise not to do it. Please dispatch items only when money has arrived in your account, and payment cannot be canceled. Don't accept files and screenshots in email as payment confirmations.

You should choose the payment method offered by the Seller. However, Qlekta also provides an escrow service and you can learn more about it here.

Yes, if the Seller accepts that.