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Luxury Watch Straps

Leather is one of the earliest and still most commonly used materials for luxury watch straps. Leather watch straps are comfortable, hard-wearing, light, and simply classic. Leather also adds a splash of vintage vibe to your look!

Classic and vintage watch straps do not necessarily mean boring, quite the opposite as luxury leather watch straps come in various colors and you can match their colors with other watch elements such as watch dials.

Fabric and rubber straps are also widely used by fashion and luxury watch brands, they are long-lasting and easy to clean, and also shouldn’t get damaged by perfumes. Also, fabric and rubber bands are available in various colors and designs.

Back in the day rubber straps used to be non-breathable and uncomfortable, but thanks to modern technology it is no longer an issue. Rubber has become a mainstream material in watchmaking, especially when we are talking about sports and dive watches. Even though rubber straps are total winners in terms of durability and comfort, they might not be the best option for a formal look.

Fabric straps can be made with a range of fabrics, but synthetic material such as nylon is the most commonly used. Nylon is strong, affordable, durable, and due to its lightweight - highly comfortable. High-end watchmakers often include them as a secondary strap option. The most common types of fabric straps are Perlon and NATO straps. NATO straps originally were designed for military wear in the 70s.

Both fabric and rubber straps are great materials for activewear since they are water resistant and low-maintenance whereas leather straps are not waterproof, as well as overexposure to the sun can cause certain damage to its surface.