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About my watch

Do you want to sell a watch? Qlekta is a website created specifically for this. Our website is easy to use

Let us tell how

How to take a photo

The success of online-shopping is 90% dependent on how informative and clear the picture of the item is. This instruction will help you to take pictures of watches correctly and, consequently, to sell them faster.

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How to start selling

To make a listing on Qlekta and to sell a watch, you first have to make yourself familiar with the following rules.

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How to sell safe

Luxurious watches are expensive accessories. Make sure to read the advice on how to make the deal safely and without any misunderstandings.

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Why is Qlekta the best choice?

What makes us unique? We don't interfere in watch trade transactions and leave it as a discrete deal between seller and buyer.

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