How does it work for sellers?

Do you own a watch or even a collection?

Are you a professional dealer, a collector, or only a fan of luxury watches? Qlekta was created by enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the watch industry who have over 20 years of experience in selling, purchasing, and collecting luxury watches. The gathered experience served as the foundation for creating a unique platform that is to bring the maximum benefit for all who are intensely interested in this topic. Qlekta does not interfere between sellers and buyers, meaning that it does not take any sort of commission in case of a successful deal. With the help of our marketplace, potential buyers from all of the world will be able to find out your watch. Qlekta is a professional marketplace, which gives its users the most comfortable terms for a mutually beneficial relationship. We hope that it would be easy and comfortable for both sellers and buyers on our platform and that it will be a new wave on the watch market, for which professionals of the business waited.

The Main Audience

The quality of the audience is our primary objective. That means we will build a customer database based on their needs and interests. Regular and targeted mailings will highlight the most valuable deals on site. Daily news articles will highlight significant happenings in the watch industry, and our experts will review the latest model launches and iconic products.


During the first three months of use, all Dealer's listings will be free of charge. Private sellers can list up to 3 items for free as well. Yes, completely free! How to start? Create your account, choose a watch to sell, make a listing, add images, price your product, and wait for a response from those who are interested in your watches.

Premium listings

Want to stand out or even hide? We hear you and have created several listing features to support your sales.

Premium listings

It makes sense to be the first and on top to sell quickly and successfully. You can use an additional function that allows you to promote your item.

API or automated import for bulk listings

API stands for Application Programming Interface, but this is not an IT class. In simple words - we will connect Qlekta to your watch inventory for automated exchange of data to create listings on Qlekta. Everything is under your control - new listings, closed deals, pricing changes, stock availability. Whenever your sales team changes something, it is reflected in Qlekta within seconds.

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	<category_full>Watches &gt;&gt; Rolex</category_full>
	<brand>Rolex</brand> <<!-- Price Tag. Optional -->
	<mpn>SM98561</mpn> <!-- Ref. - Reference Number. Optional -->
	<gtin>0644391356614,644391356614</gtin> <!-- GTIN - Global Trade Item Number (EAN, UPC, JAN, ISBN). Optional -->
	<in_stock>7</in_stock> <!-- Number of goods available for delivery in Riga within 3 days. Optional. Numeric value. Must also appear on the store page -->
		<used>0</used> <!-- The value of the goods used must be stated: 1. Optional. Numeric value. -->
	<adult>no</adult> <!-- Specify yes if the product is sexual or nude. Optional. Value: yes / no. -->

Why is Qlekta the best choice?

What makes us unique? We don't interfere in watch trade transactions and leave it as a discrete deal between seller and buyer.